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AwesomeMattG Plays Assassin's Creed Edit

Starting on December 19th, and ending on January 21st, AwesomeMattG conducted a Lets Play of Assassin's Creed, containing 37 episodes and with around 13 1/2 hours of gameplay. Although not his most popular Lets Play, it kicked off his Let's Plays of Assassin's Creed 2 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, both of which have grown to be very popular.


Let's Play Playlist


(001) "Animus Training"

(002) "Do Not Compromise the Brotherhood"

(003) "How Hard Did He Stab Me?"

(004) "Winston Runs to Damascus"

(005) "I Love Leaps of Faith"

(006) "Tamir is a Douchebag"

(007) "Assassination #1: Tamir"

(008) "Finally, Counter-Kills!"

(009) "This Doctor is Fuckin' Crazy!"

(010) "Let the Assassination Begin"

(011) "Assassination #2: Garnier de Naplouse"

(012) "Distract Them for Me, Would You?"

(013) "The Dome of the Rock"

(014) "Assassination #3: Talal"

(015) "Back to Damascus We Go!"

(016) "Ugh! Of Course it's an Informant"'

(017) "Third View Point's the Charm"

(018) "Assassination #4: Abu'l Nuquod"

(019) "You Can't Come in the City, My Friend"

(020) "Altair is Just Bad Ass Like That"

(021) "Assassination #5: Majd Addin"

(022) "Hold This Knife with Your Tummy, Please"

(023) "A Jump from the Tallest Place"

(024) "I'll Return When the Deed's Been Done"

(025) "Assassination #6: William of Montferrat"

(026) "Scholars Suck Sometimes + Hardware Malfunction"

(027) "Book Burners Never Get Away With It"

(028) "Assassination #7: Jubair al Hakim"

(029) "You're Supposed to Break That With Your Face"

(030) "Mmm... Shirtless Muscle Men"

(031) "Ladies and Gentlemen, I've Gone Mad"

(032) "Assassination #8: Sibrand"

(033) "Never Harbor Hate for Your Victims"

(034) "The Most Complicated Pick-Pocket Ever"

(035) "Assassination #9: Robert de Sable" (Part 1)

(036) "Assassination #9: Robert de Sable" (Part 2)

(037) "The End + Credits"