AwesomeMattG Builds Stuff With Fans!Edit

AwesomeMattG Builds Stuff With Fans! is a series on Matt's second Minecraft server in which he plays with a select group of fans and other let's players, whom he knows. Dubbed a, "Legit Vanilla Server," by Matt, the series features only one mod, Ray's Minimap, and follows the users creations, such as homes, golf courses, or strip clubs[1], on the server each week.

Users on the server include Puflwiz, NevardEQ, Dresenpai, Aztec, RedBeef, TRICKYOTOOL, Kuckles, KingNick and several others.(please add yourself if you're on the server and I missed you.)

Users on the server follow a strict set of rules,

"Legit vanilla" Server Rules
1--No griefing of any sort

2--No hoarding items you yourself won't use (be nice and share) 3--No stealing items that players need for themselves 4--Leave people alone that want to be left alone 5--Don't work on other people's stuff without their permission 6--No quarries next to buildings/monuments (without permission) 7--No buildings/monuments next to quarries (without permission) 8--No excessive cursing, racial slurs or other hate 9--Large projects should be planned beforehand and shouldn't be left half completed 10-Incomplete projects of players gone "missing" will be torn down after 14 days of inactivity (extenuating circumstances allowed) 11-No excessive chat spam during the recording of a video 12-Video recordings of the server should be limited to "AwesomeMattG" for privacy reasons. (credit for building/design will be given [including channel links]) 13-"Hacking" mods/clients will result in instant banning (no second chances) 14-Building unsightly structures, while not prohibited, is strongly discouraged (non-bannable). You may be assigned an architect to help you re-design. 15-Please, remove the entire tree upon chopping down (non-bannable) 16-No moving “public” Enderchests (without majority vote of players) 17-No summoning Wither King or fighting Ender-Dragon (without majority vote of players)

Videos Edit

The series consists of videos released every Saturday, or so, each showcasing users updates and improvements to their homes. It began on 26 August 2012[2] with Matt asking viewers to send in applications to join him on the server, following a tweet the previous day announcing that his server was now open. Applications were closed by the third video [3], but have since reopened and closed due to users no longer being active or being banned.