AwesomeMattGpedia is first and foremost an online encyclopedia for all things related to AwesomeMattG, and, as a means to that end, an online community of people interested in building a high-quality AwesomeMattG encyclopedia in a spirit of mutual respect. Please avoid the temptation to use AwesomeMattGpedia for other purposes, or to treat it as something it is not.

What AwesomeMattGpedia is not Edit

AwesomeMattGpedia is not a social network Edit

AwesomeMattGpedia is a reference wiki for all things related to AwesomeMattG. It is an interesting project and is always growing. Please remember that users are here to contribute and get information, not to socialize. Therefore, please keep all comments on the discussion pages of articles on the topic of the article. If you wish to talk to another user outside of AwesomeMattGpedia, give them a way to contact you that does not interfere with the project pages, such as on their talk page.

AwesomeMattGpedia is not Wikipedia Edit

AwesomeMattGpedia is not Wikipedia or Wookieepedia or any other wiki site. AwesomeMattGpedia is an independent wiki and it follows its own set of guidelines as outlined in the Help:Contents section. AwesomeMattGpedia sometimes takes ideas from larger and more developed wikis, but AwesomeMattGpedia policy is always the highest authority on this website.

AwesomeMattGpedia is not a democracy Edit

Like virtually all wikis, AwesomeMattGpedia is not a democracy. Important decisions are made based on discussion; not consensus or voting. The reasoning for this is that legitimate concerns cannot be ignored in light of important decisions, and one opinion is not necessarily equal to another; particularly when experience plays into the decision. These details must be ironed out in discussion before a decision is made.

AwesomeMattGpedia is not a soapbox Edit

AwesomeMattGpedia is not a website for individual opinions on any subject. AwesomeMattGpedia's articles are to be completely neutral on every subject, conveying all information available, and nothing more. Any creation of articles or editing of existing articles to reflect individual opinions or ideas on subject matter that consist of personal opinions on a topic will be immediately reverted or deleted. Opinions can be expressed on user pages, talk pages, or forums, but not articles.

AwesomeMattGpedia is not censored Edit

While AwesomeMattGpedia should be written in a style that is friendly and formal, it may at times display subject material that can be interpreted as offensive. Provided that this information is factual it should not be censored. An example is the quote "My ass! Well, you can forget about the adjustments to your A2-scope," which should not be altered to read "My a**!" Additionally, offensive or triggering subjects depicted in AwesomeMattGpedia such as sexually oriented content should not be written out.