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    It's been a long while since I've made an update, but here it is! I've been talking to AwesomeMattG about the wiki and we feel that what's missing most from the wiki, page content aside, are featured articles. So I sat down at my computer iPad and started looking at what a few others have done for that. Well I'm excited to announce that featured articles are very close and coming to the wiki, my hope is to push them out by early to mid November.

    Earlier on I mentioned that something else was also going to make an appearance here on . All me to introduce you to featured videos! Featured videos are a display of one of AwesomeMattG's YouTube playlists that will appear on the main page. This will be a little farther down the road, but don't w…

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    Well, my power is out one day before I go to North Carolina so userboxes will probably delayed until Thursday. Sorry. If any user would like to help I will include a tutorial on how to restore electricity(make a userbox) bellow.

    You can create a custom User Box by copying the below code onto your page:

    Replace the above text with your custom box characteristics. It is suggested that you limit the size of any images in the id box to 40 pixels. For a list of colors and the Hex codes for them, see this Wikipedia page.

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    Hello, everyone

    Currently I am developing a new version of the main page, it is based off the code of [Halo Nation's] main page. It is almost finished, but I still need to change things i.e. Halo to AwesomeMattG, and code several things differently.

    I am also starting work on userboxes. For those of you who don't know I am a huge Halo fan and user of Halo Nation, obviously that will change since I further develop this Wiki, so back on HN I made a userbox which I'll be porting to this Wiki, along with the project: userbox. I suppose I should explain what a userbox is, a userbox is something the a member of the community makes to show off what they've done or something they can do an example of the text in a userbox about AwesomeMattG would b…

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    Blog Rules

    July 10, 2011 by LEGO Allied Forces

    The AwesomeMattGpedia blog policy reads as follows:

    Users must abide by ALL of the following guidelines:

    1. In compliance with wiki etiquette.
    2. Must have a minimum length of two paragraphs or more, complete with good grammar and spelling.
    3. Have a thesis or purpose.
    4. Be understandable to the average user.
    5. Not include any advertisements whatsoever.
    6. Blog comments will have a minimum of five words in length and not contain spam material.

    Furthermore, pointless blogs that contain no content, not related to AwesomeMattG, and merely for Wikia badges will result in a ban for useless and/or unproductive edits that earn a user online and ultimately worthless awards.

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