Hello, everyone

Currently I am developing a new version of the main page, it is based off the code of [Halo Nation's] main page. It is almost finished, but I still need to change things i.e. Halo to AwesomeMattG, and code several things differently.

I am also starting work on userboxes. For those of you who don't know I am a huge Halo fan and user of Halo Nation, obviously that will change since I further develop this Wiki, so back on HN I made a userbox which I'll be porting to this Wiki, along with the project: userbox. I suppose I should explain what a userbox is, a userbox is something the a member of the community makes to show off what they've done or something they can do an example of the text in a userbox about AwesomeMattG would be "This user has seen all of AwesomeMattG's videos." or "This user subscribes to AwesomeMattG.". while an example of a userbox about something the user can do is "This user can code with Java.", a bad example of this would be "This user has eaten a hamburger." or "This user can read.".